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NEW Hotel Blocks Explainer Video 2. FB Join us on Facebook. At Hotel Blocks we offer free Hotel Block Management Services where we block off hotel rooms at discounted rates, handle guest inquires, rooming lists, reservations, cancellations, special needs and assign your event a hospitality host to make sure your event housing is a success. But that’s not all… In most cases we provide Free Complimentary rooms, 25% off for staff housing, no attrition, no cut off dates and no hotel contracts to sign. Call: 1-855-250-3052

Hotel Blocks Services: We offer two basic free services. "Open Events" where we create an event page that allows your guests to book hotel rooms directly. The hotels loaded into this search format are not contracted by Hotel Blocks and can vary in availability and selection. Rates are standard online hotel rates similar to Travelocity,  Expedia and others. Our "Open Events" is great for smaller events or events that want to help their guests find online hotels.

With "Managed Events" We assign your company a hospitality host to help manage your event's housing. We deal with the hotel contracts, so you don't have to. Attendees can book directly with the hotels that have been blocked off or by rooming list, whatever you prefer. Either way your guests are guaranteed a room for your event at the discounted rate. *Lower group rates are achieved when events are booked 1-3 years out. A managed event page listing the hotels available for your event, directions, pictures and maps will be provided. Sample Events Page

With our "Managed Events" you will have more control over the Hotel Blocks for your event. Example: If required, we could put in place restrictions on how many rooms a single person can book or hold with a credit card. Hotel Blocks - We do it Better!